johnny and claire
SEVEN DEAD MEN tells the tale of a caper gone awry. A pair of brothers, Steve and Carl (Elliott and Mitch Drury), tired of their place in the world, hatch a plot against local crime boss Peter (Chip Gubera). Little do they know that their fence Johnny's (Travis Hierholzer) big mouth and lies are about to get him in trouble with a lot more than Claire (Sydney Falkner), his part-time girlfriend. Meanwhile, Jack (Charlie Eisenbath) and Petey (Brandon Fulcher) have some unfinished business to settle. However, the schemes backfire and doom those involved.


jack and petey

SEVEN DEAD MEN can be downloaded via bittorrent from the following sites:

For non-native speakers, here are the english subtitles.


steve and carl
  • Travis Hierholzer as Johnny
  • Sydney Falkner as Claire
  • Elliott Drury as Steve
  • Mitch Drury as Carl
  • Brandon Fulcher as Petey
  • Charlie Eisenbath as Jack
  • Chip Gubera as Peter
  • David Koonce as Smiles
  • David Cobb, John Koonce, and Robert Lynch as Gangsters

Production Assistants:

peter and smiles
  • Cara Blome
  • Claire Koonce
  • Lindsay Woodland
  • Erin Powers
  • Bradford Bertel
  • Patricia Koonce
  • Yan Fulcher

Special thanks to:

  • Yen Ching, Allen & Helena Shih, OK Koenig
  • Chez Monet, Joan Fairfax
  • Chuck & Carla Steck
  • Shake Consultant: Howard Jones
  • Writer/director: Brett Koonce
Creative Commons License
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